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Louise Glaciers

Louise Glaciers

Oil on Canvas




  • To view available sizes for prints, please select from the dropdown menu to the right.
  • All prints are fullfilled and shipped through FineArtAmerica. 
  • Canvas prints are stretched on 1.5" gallery width stretcher bars with a mirror image printed on the sides.
  • If an integral part of the image (ie. eyes, lips, etc) is near the edge, a mirror image would look odd. In this case, the sides will be printed black or white (depeding on the image).

    Shipping Costs:

    Due to the variety of sizes and weights of the artwork I have available, it is difficult to give an accurate cost of shipping for all locations, especially when ordering multiple items. Because of this, I will contact you after I have received the full order with the shipping charge. If you are not satisfied with the shipping charge, you are free to cancel your order and receive a full refund.

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