© 2018 by Joe Reimer


Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Joe is a full-time artist, photographer and teacher who works in a variety of styles, mediums and subject matter. Having several artistic passions allows Joe to keep his work fresh and new, while still maintaining a high level of quality and mastery.


Growing up in Western Canada has given Joe a plethora of natural inspiration, which is reflected in his extensive landscape painting and photography portfolios. Frequently visiting the Canadian Rockies has become an integral part in his creative process and personal rejuvenation.


Joe is very active on social media, so please feel free to follow him on Instagram @JoeReimerArt and @JoeReimerPhoto or on Twitter @JoeReimerArt.

Please contact Joe if you have any questions about his work or if you are interested in purchasing original artwork, prints or having a custom painting created just for you!