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Jasper Reflection

My latest piece, "Jasper Reflection"took a very exciting journey to get here. Though it is common with many artists to create smaller study pieces and then using them as the basis for larger pieces, it is a concept that is relatively new for me. Over the last year, I've done a number of these smaller pieces with the mindset that I may do them larger in the future. After the overwhelming positive feedback on my little 16"x12" piece, "Evening Reflection", I decided it was time to go big!

The above image is the original photo I took a number of years ago, and the small study. As you can see, I made some very distinct artistic choices as I felt the photo was a little busy and the colours were a little too cool. I actually decided that I wanted the large painting to be even warmer.

These progress shots give you a little bit of an idea how I usually like to work in stages (usually back to front). The last image is a good example of how I like to apply a base gradient first, and then add and mix on top of that. I am very happy with how the final painting turned out and I hope you enjoy it too!

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Jasper Reflection, Oil on Canvas, 48"x36", 2018

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